Meet The Artist

Ridhi Chordia

“The creative growth of an artist takes many years to reconcile and bring relevance to”.

My journey began with a conjunction of making greeting cards for my parents, which became a tradition. The high roads to make these cards was to make my parents feel eager about what have I made them this year. Making greeting cards and stroking art pieces became my passion which turned into an ambition with variabilities of shades, strokes, shapes and gradations.

Following my ambition for years, I still hesitate to call myself as an artist, because I wanted to achieve art in many fields of artistic forms and I did; dance, videography, sketching, painting, sculpting, photography, creative writing and drama. I focused on curving my variables by undergoing strands of frequent pit stops; like workshops, to versatile myself.

Looking back into the time and now, I feel that I’m an artist, a person who defines oneself by artistic modes and platforms with many more art forms, like, abstract painting, weaving, tensegrity, product oriented modular. Features like these can make yourself put into the relevance of path leading to creatives.

My Perspective

The courage of visualising, comforts the arms of any artist. Separating imagination from capturing the actual visual keeps a track to focus and achieve any illogical abstract paintings.

I’m an artist with a lot of integrity to achieve it. I come from a place where acknowledgement about any art is derivative. Using your body as an objectified interconnection moulds your portrait gullible. I versatile into many forms of artist complexion, traditional also modern technology. I mix writing and sketching to get my visuals in track. I write articles, poems, haikus and philosophical writing on deep thoughts like, love and romance.

For me, anything is possible unless I can achieve it with no anxiety. Art comes from inner peace and reciprocating into any virtue of movements.

To become an artist, you need to let lose, anything you made first time and repeat the same posture over and over again. TRYING, is the first moto of every artist sitting out there. Try to visual any persona and start replicating. “it’s never too late”.